For those who need Spec's Each vehicle is fully guaranteed for one year against defective parts or construction. The engines are covered by the engine manufacturer’s own warranties. Each Funtrak Panzer is designed to be serviced each morning to run continuously for the rest of the day. Routine servicing is very simple while the vehicle can be dismantled into its major component parts for storage/container transit. Spare parts are readily available from Funtrak Products Ltd. The roadwheels use self-lubricating bearings which are designed to be used routinely in off-road conditions The key features of the Mk 10 Funtrak Panzer are:

• Genuine one-person tracked vehicle (that's right, "tank tracks"!)

• Fully integrated "Fire-while-driving" paintball, laser and water cannon options

• Choice of many aithentic (and some frankly bizarre) colours)

• Additional custom mods available

• 3 Month lead time (built to order) Some in stock ready for delivery

And those all important specifications...


• Fabricated sheet steel chassis with detachable safety hoop of 35 x 3mm shaped steel tube.

• Firewall separates driver’s compartment from engine area.

• Full suspension on all 10 road wheels.

• Each track assembly uses gas-strut track-tensioning.

• Tracks can be quickly removed and/or replaced in moments using the built-in hydraulic system.

• CB seat with folding armrests.

• Four-point harness.


• 13hp petrol engine with auto governor driving twin hydraulic pumps.

• 12v electric start.

• Emergency stop button provided for driver.


• Dummy gun as standard.

• Paintball and laser guns with matching barrels to order.

• Optional sensor pads to trigger smoke/flares/beacon/engine-cut when ‘hit’ is scored.


• Two hydraulic motors drive each track independently via cast steel rear sprockets.

• 22 litre hydraulic tank located behind the firewall.


• Spool valves operated by the driver give full control in both forward and reverse.

• Spring centring gives instantaneous lock on the motors providing full control in skid-steer in both directions.


• Purpose built, steel belt, rubber coated tracks.

• Purpose-built self-lubricatitng road wheels, fully sprung and designed to operate in off-road conditions.


• Glass-fibre bodyshell is located and locked onto the chassis but is readily removable for access by one person.

• Optional equipment includes 2000kg winch, front and rear lights, single searchlight,

dummy gun, paintball gun, ‘laser’ gun, two-way radio incorporated into safety helmet.


• Length: 2.1 m (6ft 10in)

• Width: 1.19m (3ft 11in)

• Height: 1.38m (4ft 6in) to top of roll bar


• Max Speed: 6 mph

• Max Angle Uphill: 20 degrees

• Max Angle Downhill 20 degrees

• Max Angle Cross-slope 20 degrees