the best thing for kids and adults.

What does every child or adult for that matter want…? They want to drive a tank! With the price for full scale being a bit out the grasp for most people why not try the mini tanks. This custom made machine comes with all the fun without the price tag. The tanks are made to order and give the ultimate fun for children, teenagers and adults. If you are looking at adding some for fun parks or just have some spare land and want to run a few or even just for your own family and friends these are the perfect solution.

Before I had these I looked at buggies, bikes and go karts. Anything that could be used to run as a small rental business and with the uniqueness and stand out marketing these have this was the obvious solution.

If you have land….even one acre you can set up a basic off road course that can earn $1000’s for fun track days. Just get a few tanks advertise locally and watch the money roll in.

Originally designed to be operated by adults using paintball guns or lasers, there is a new emerging market for these vehicles. For example, these can be used as leisure rides, without 'guns', you are able to put large numbers of people through a 4-tank site. The ride experience was sufficiently novel to allow you to break-even on capital outlay in just 8 weeks.

It would appear that a major emerging market for these vehicles is the 8-14 year olds. (That's a lot lower than quads/go-karts and doubles the potential number of drivers.) A simple course can be set up in a relatively small area of grass or concrete. We can offer advice - even the machinery - to set up a course which appears challenging to the new tank driver, but is quite safe even for children to tackle.

The tanks are powered by Honda GX-390 engines of 13 hp with simple hydraulic drive to each track. They are very easy to maintain and service - no chains or gears. The engines can be set by a marshal from tickover (for the youngsters) to full power for the more ambitious teenagers and adults. They can be fitted with a number of extras including paintball or laser guns, winches, and safety devices such as the Marshals Control Box which allows up to six tanks to be stopped and then re-started by radio control.