With only a few thousand square feet and some fill you can get a rental business up and running quickly with little start-up costs and minimal monthly running costs. Just imagine that land you have can be turned into a tank circuit with some dirt and some hard work. Each tank should realistically bring you $100 an hour for rental depending on your location and customer base but with this figure just imagine the earning potential you could have.

2 Tanks $200 per hour 8 Hours per Day $1600

3 Tanks $300 per hour 8 Hours per Day $2400

4 Tanks $400 per hour 8 Hours per Day $3200

Party Rentals

Birthday Parties

Corporate days

Fairs and Carnivals days

Graduation and teenage parties

There are a number of business models you can choose from: fixed site with bookings, fixed site walk-ins, offsite private, offsite public events, offsite specialist events. Although these tanks are the first in the world, we have some experience of operating them in these various roles and making money from them as a result.